From bedside, to runners to Modern trendy Centre rugs, we offer a wide range of various styles, textures and sizes in a selection of colours to go with any space in your home or office.

Framed or Canvas prints, we have your walls covered, with various designs, styles & textures, to bring in any mood that you wish to add to your space, we have that in Wall art.
From Frameless, to whitewash, silver to gold, we have all sorts of mirrors in different finishes and sizes in store to style your space effectively.
We have stunning Hanging pendants, from copper to Gold, Glass to Metal, pair them in 3’s to finish the look of your space.
whether Tall and slender, or Chunky and Bold, our floor lamps are a definite statement piece to add to any livingroom, bedroom or office space.
At the Studio we bring you some of Zimbabwe’s unique pieces, Chloe Chairs, to bedroom Kists, Funky side tables to round coffee tables, just to name a few.
To compliment the rugs and wall art we offer more soft furnishings such as Regal Furr throw overs, Silver figurines, basket ware, artificial large Plants, and so much more !

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